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Wireless waiter call system long range strong signal (1 display receiver+ 2 watch +25 table bell button)

Цена: 19013.1 RUR

Wireless Pager Equipment System for Restaurant made in China strong signal (1 display +4 watch pager +40 table bell button)

Цена: 29416.5 RUR

Cheapest Waiter buzzer call systems one screen with 30 table button wireless service

Цена: 18141.88 RUR

Smart wireless buzzer pull cord to call for help used in the hospital K-4-C receiver install nurse station W 20pcs button

Цена: 19542.67 RUR

Wireless Ordering System 2015 Newest Restaurent Wireless Calling Transmitter (1 display 5 wrist watch 45call button)

Цена: 51316.58 RUR

Wireless Transmission System Competitive Price Restaurant Fast Food Pager (1 display+ 40 call button)

Цена: 28699.02 RUR

Waiter Calling System Best Price 1 Digital Vision Receiver 2 Wrist Watch 20 Transmitter Button

Цена: 30748.95 RUR

Wireless Pager System Pager Service Calling Home Smart 433.92 mhz Equipment(1pcs display+25pcs call button)

Цена: 25282.47 RUR

Wireless Waiter Call System Restaurant Waiter Buzzer Equipment (1 display+ 25 call button)

Цена: 20089.31 RUR

Sound System Telegraphic Transfer Payment Wrist Watch Buzzer Communication Receiver ( 2 display 3 wrist watch 50 call button)

Цена: 60814.59 RUR

Wireless Calling System Kitchen Equipment-restaurant Equipment Wireless Alarm (1 display 25 call button)

Цена: 20089.31 RUR

Waiter Call System Receiver K-336 Display With 4keys Call Cancel Bill Drink Button(1 display 11 call button)

Цена: 12026.26 RUR

Table Buzzer Call System For Restaurant Electronic Pager Suit In 12v Restaurant Wireless Buzzer( 1 display 10 call button)

Цена: 11479.61 RUR

Pager Calling System Wireless Table Waiter Service Call Calling Paging Equipment (1 display 25 call button)

Цена: 25282.47 RUR

Waitress Paging System Waiter Pager Wireless Call Bell Electronic Ring Bell Wireless Set(1 display 1 wrist watch 10 call button)

Цена: 15442.81 RUR

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